The First Mbrane Official Tournament


Board Room Bar

The first ever public Mbrane tournament was a great event and a learning experience too.

After contacting Boardroom Bar in Washington DC to see if they were interested in hosting the event, we locked in March 2 for the premiere event. Board Room is a game-themed bar where patrons play games all night from Monopoly to Battleship to Cards Against Humanity. Name it they got it. It’s a popular spot in the city. We highly recommend you check it out.

When we got there we didn’t know what type of turnout we would get so we had to play everything by ear. We had a spot in the back of the bar area for the tournament. What we quickly found/realized was that it was going to be really hard to pull together a whole tournament (even with game prizes as a motivator) when most of the patrons are simply coming with friends wanting to play some old school game together. For us to get converts, we would have to win them over a different time, but at least we could plant the seed to check the game out.

So, we changed up gears really quickly and instead offered mini-tournaments to friend groups and instead of a big prize we offered free drinks to the winners. That quickly sparked interest for most tables and turned the night from a potential disaster into a great night of a lot of fun. We had a bunch of players give the game a shot, and even had some Chess players put the classic game away and probably played Mbrane 7 times. It didn’t take long for them to get intrigued and hooked on the game! They also won the grand prize which covered their tab for the night…not too shabby.

So, what do we take from this first event. People love to play board games. People love the classics so that will always be an uphill battle. And, those that gave Mbrane a shot we’re big fans. So, we just got to keep plugging away and growing the fan base. Speaking of which, we’re only a week or two away from having networking which will be a game changer once we get a strong player base…so if you love the game please spread the word!

Chess Players Loving Mbrane