Basic [M] has 9 rules and no special conditions. The Mbrane app includes a single-player tutorial, and takes about ten minutes to learn.  You can also cover the basic concepts in this web tutorial.

Rules of [M]

The game has two phases, Placement and Resolution:


  • Players take turns placing numbers in an empty Sudoku.  These are bids for territories.
  • Players receive points equal to the number in the region where the number is placed. These points are known as Power.
  • If a number borders other regions, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the player receives 1/2 points in those border regions.  These points are know as Influence.
  • Placement conforms to the rules of Sudoku, so a number may only be placed once in a region, row or column. (Broken Sudoku will occur.)
  • When all numbers that can be placed have been placed, the gameboard is resolved. Resolution determines the outcome.


  • Regions are resolved in order of the greatest disparity. These are the regions with greatest point difference between players.
  • When a region is resolved, it is awarded to the player with the most points in the region, known as the dominant player.
  • All opposing numbers in that region defect, flipping to the dominant player. This player is now said to have control.
    If these numbers border other regions, they switch their Influence points
    (This can shift the balance of power, affecting the outcome of the game!)
  • When all regions that can be resolved, have been resolved, the player controlling the most regions wins.
    Strength of victory is measured by the ratio of controlled regions between players, such as 5/4, 4/5, 4/4, 9/0, 0/9, …

More to come!

We’ll be updating this page over the coming days and weeks, adding graphics and maybe even strategy tips.  Email us if have comments, suggestions or requests!