Mbrane is a quantum game—
a progression toward certainty from a state of flux.


Two regions are contested. Resolution will determine who controls which region.


The region with the greatest delta (4.0) will resolve first.


The western region resolves. The competitor’s four will defect and “flip”.


The eastern region resolves second, because it had the lower delta.


Both players control a single region. Control means no opposing numbers in the region.


The result is a tie because each player controls an equal number of regions.


Regions with equal deltas resolve simultaneously. Here both regions have a point disparity of 4.0


Regions with equal deltas resolve simultaneously.


This is the basic concept of resolution.
Where it gets interesting is when flipped integers have influence.


Indigo dominates 3 regions with influence.


But Ivory dominates the region.


The 4 defects and flips, granting its influence to Ivory. The scoreboard shifts to 4/0 to reflect this change.


Ivory is now said to control four regions.


This can lead to all kinds of upsets.
When the flipping of influence changes the balance of power
in neighboring regions, it can create a cascade.


Tutorial 4: The Domino Effect