Mbrane is a modern game of
Power & Influence. 
You can
think of the 8 as a base or city:


Placing a number in the interior of a region gives you points in the region. The scoreboard shows how many regions you dominate.


Placing an 8 in the interior of a region gives you 8 points in that region. We call this “power”.


Placing a number in a box that touches another region also give you 1/2 points in the connected region.


That position gives dominance in two regions. Notice how the regions changed color to reflect the point totals. More points = more color. We call this “influence”.


Corner boxes that connect to three regions grant the most influence. That position dominates four regions because:


8 in this position grants 8 in the native region, and 1/2 points for all three connected exterior regions.


Power&Influence can be challenged. Here the two 8’s cancel each other’s influence.


The points in the two region are now 4 instead of 8, because each 8 exerts 4 influence on all three connected regions.


The points in the regions (4.0 and 4.0 for each player) are called the regional deltas.
This is the disparity between points of the competing players.
In resolution this becomes critical.


Tutorial 3: Resolution