• How long does it take to play Mbrane?
      Games typically take between 10-20 minutes to play, but the play time will drop as players become more experienced. Early on, players may feel compelled to ponder every move and play out each game until the board is filled, but just as in the game of Go, experienced players begin to recognize when additional moves will no longer affect the outcome.
    • What age group is Mbrane appropriate for?
      Mbrane is suitable for ages 10 and up. Although the mechanics are simple, the underlying complexity is sufficient to provide a challenge to the greatest human minds.
    • How much does Mbrane cost?
      Mbrane is free to download and play. It is currently available on Google Play and Apple Store.
    • How is Mbrane different from Sudoku?
      Sudoku is a puzzle, having only a single participant. Games are distinct from puzzles in that they require multiple competitors.  Mbrane takes the logic of Sudoku and transforms it into a game of pure-skill with the nuances of Chess.
    • How does Tournament Play work?
      In tournaments, players play matched sets of games, typically two, alternating as starting player.  Victory is achieved by the player who wins the most regions over a given set of game.
    • Why do the Regions change colors?
      The regional colors represent a “heat map,” and provide a visual guide for player strength in a given region.
    • Why the zero instead of a nine?
      Zeros allow a player to block influence placements by opponent’s in regions the opponent dominates.  Zeroes are not strategically utilized in all games, but when applicable, their impact can be significant.
    • Is Mbrane difficult?
      Mbrane is easy enough that a 6-year-old can play, although the rules may not be fully grasped by this age group.  Some adults find the concept of “Resolution” difficult to grasp, but playing a few games clears any confusion.  However, Mbrane has an emergent complexity that puts it in the class of games like Chess and Go.  While playing Mbrane is easy, mastering the game may take a lifetime.
    • Why the name Mbrane?
      Mbrane is a reference to the matrix the game is played on.  Inspired by M-Theory, Mbrane extends the concepts of multidimensional “branes” into a game context. Of course, the play off of brain/brane didn’t hurt either.  Read more about Mbranes. [Warning: Nerds only!]