Mbrane is a child of the Cold War—
the unique action of the game is the Domino Effect


Both players dominate one region, and both players influence the region in between.


The northeastern region will resolve first because it has the greater delta (3.0 > 2.0)


The Ivory 4 will defect and flip…


…changing the balance of power in the northern region from Ivory to Indigo.


Even though Indigo’s 6 will flip, it is too late to affect the northern region—that region has already been resolved.


The final outcome is 1/2 in favor of Indigo. Indigo is the victor.


The balance of power can shift more dramatically:


This is similar to the last example, but notice the scoreboard here is 2/1.

Winning by one region is the narrowest margin of victory. 9/0 and 0/9 can be achieved.


These are just the simplest examples.
The cascade of resolution can produce surprising outcomes.
Skillful players can use this to their advantage, looking weak to win strong.


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