We just finished demoing at the District Arcade showcase.  It was an awesome event.  We’re already champing at the bit to demo all the new game modes we’ll have by next year!

We are pleased to report we recieved exceptional response!  Of the gamers who tried Mbrane, almost all played multiple games.  Several people told us it was the best game at the event, by far.

Which is not to say there weren’t a ton of truly terrific games, just that Mbrane is represents the rarest animal of them all—a set of novel, fundamental mechanics for a set of non-chance, perfect information, territory-control strategy games.  The only other games with the same depth are Chess and Go, and Mbrane has less rules and no special conditions.

This was, or course, quite validating as the game mechanics took 8 years to develop, 3 years to test, and 1 more year to build.  (Kudos to our awesome developer, Khaoscoder for cranking all through last week’s hurricane to get the Android and iOS versions ready for the event;)

We’re almost there, folks!  Stay tuned for information on the formal release, slated for early October, and don’t forget to hit us up if you want to get on the Beta.

Deezee out!